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"THIS FILM IS SO EFFECTIVE. For a planet in desperate need of action, it is so well done It is a warm-hearted depiction of intelligent and far-sighted Australians, young and old, taking effective action. Remarkable. Empowering. Activating."

- BOB BROWN, Conservationist and Former Leader of the Greens


"Impassioned, charged and genuinely striking, Wild Things offers an invigorating insight into the significance of activism and an affectionate glimpse at generations past and future fighting for our environment."

- LUKE FORSYTH, Program Coordinator, Environment Film Festival Australia


"Exploring a year of environmental activism in Australia, this timely documentary inspiringly shows a new generation determined to bring about change at a moment of great crises. It also gives hope for the cause of change as it records the successes of the previous generation in stopping environmental destruction."

GAIL KOVATSEFF, Programs, Audience and Industry Manager, Adelaide Film Festival.

"I got tingles towards the end of the invigorating trailer for Sally Ingleton’s documentary about eco warriors – young, old and everywhere in between – fighting for the future on the frontline of environmental activism. Despite the spin and bluster from Scott Morrison’s government, it is clear to all and sundry that on the issue of climate action Australia is one of the bad guys, in the same category as Russia and Saudi Arabia. Instead of waiting for history to condemn us, these protesters are putting their arses on the line to say: no way; enough is enough."


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